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As of end of June 2004, nearly 400 Japanese had a privilege to study at KSG. KSG Club of Japan was founded in December 2003 to provide a venue for socialization, networking, and education. The membership will be given to KSG alumni living in Japan and Japanese KSG alumni. The Club's Charter

We will plan various types of events, most of which shall be open to public, and provide information on this website.

Board Staff
President Yasuhisa Shiozaki
Chief Cabinet Secretary, Member of the House of Representatives
V.P. Takeshi Isayama
Chairman, The Carlyle Group
Tsuyoshi Maruyama
Director-General, Cabinet Office
Ikuo Kabashima
Professor, University of Tokyo
Shinichi Yoshida
Managing Director, The Asahi Shimbun
Charmine Koda
Auditor Dr. Takeo Hirata
Professor, Waseda University
Yoko Makino
President, Yoko Makino CPA Firm
Advisor Dr. Ezra Vogel
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Dr. Heizo Takenaka
Director, Global Security Research Institute, Keio University
Sadako Ogata
President, Japan International Cooperation Agency
Yutaka Kawashima
Grand Master of the Ceremonies, Imperial Household Agency
Dr. Fumio Kodama
Dean, Graduate School of Engineering Management,
  Shibaura Institute of Technology
Masaharu Nakatsu
Adviser, Tokyo Electric Power Co.,Inc
Takeo Hirata, PhD
Professor, Waseda University

1982  Graduated from the Yokohama National University
      (Bachelor of Business Administration)
1982  Joined in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) as Lawyer
1988  Graduated from the Harvard University,USA (Master of Public Administration)
        Chief Lawyer,General Coordination Division, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (Internal Bureau of MITI)
1989  Deputy Director of Service Industry Division, Industrial Policy Bureau (including promotion policy of sport industry)
1991  First Secretary (Head of the Economic Section)of Japanese Embassy in Brasil(~1994.5)
1994  Deputy Director of Industrial Policy Bureau(Internal Bureau of MITI)
1995  Chief Legal Director of General Coordination, Divison of Ministerial Secretariat
1997  Director of Finance Cooperation Division, International Trade Policy Bureau
1999  Director of International Petroleum Affairs, Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (Agency of MITI)
2000  Director of Petroleum Exploration and Production Division,Agency of Natural Resources and Energy
2001  Director of Petroleum and Natural Gas Division, Agency of Natural Resources and Energy (Agency of Ministry, Economy, Trade and Industry - former MITI)
2002  Resigned from Ministry,Economy,Trade and Industry

<Social Actibities>
1978  Football Club of the Osaka ?temae High School (1975~1978)
1982  Football Club of the Yokohama National University(1978~1982)
1988  Football Club of the Harvard University,USA(1987~1988)
1989  Observer,Investigating Professionalization Committee
1990  Member,Advisery Board of Investigating Professional League
1991  Member,International Committee,The Football Association of Japan
        Member,The Bidding Committee of FIFA World Cup 2002
        Member,J.League Advisery Board
1996  Lecturer,JFA S-Licence Coaching Course
          Member,J.League Home Town Promotion Committee (~1997)
2000  Member,International Project, Japan Football Association
2001  FIFA-UNESCO Volunteer Award
2006  Visiting Professor, Waseda University
2008  Professor, Waseda University, Ph.D (U of Tokyo)